Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Robert Francis report – sack malfunctioning managers

The Robert Francis report published recently said nothing new for all of us who are whistleblowers or who have fallen foul of NHS managers by being outspoken. 

Nor does it give any hope to the many family members campaigning for the truth to be revealed after poor treatment and even the deaths of their loved ones – in many cases, campaigning for years.

The Week publication (www.theweek.co.uk) provides a summary of all the week’s news, giving multiple comments and opinions from the daily newspapers.  It was interesting to read what were some of the national newspapers’ journalists’ conclusions, journalists who are considered to be articulate, intelligent people.

One journalist reminded her readers of the terrible harm done to staff raising concerns about practices and conditions that subsequently cost patients’ lives.

These cruel actions taken against staff are depressing, distressing and of course disastrous for the patients, who are the defenseless recipients of poor care and management.

Sir Robert’s 20 recommendations are described as rather timid by one reporter who suggests that sacking bad managers would send a stronger message.  Here here!  Accountability for these unlawful actions is the word that springs to my mind. (These managers usually  ignore employment law practices designed to protect staff - and employers.)

The final comment reported by Andrew Smith in the Guardian (www.theguardian.com ) describes the number, style and reward for managers as causing them to be distanced psychologically from the workforce, acting defensively when challenged or scrutinised.  He suggested they are running the organisations for their own benefit.

Absolutely!  But what is to be done about them when the managers protect one another and tell horrendous lies to cover up, with the help of solicitors who fight their corner?
Taxpayers, wake up!