Wednesday, 3 April 2013

NHS Managers, Unjust Suspensions and Kangaroo Courts

Things are hotting up for the devious managers still very much at large in the NHS but still terrible injustices are taking place for NHS staff and you the reader, know nothing about them unless you have been a victim or know someone who has.

It is unbelievable. False allegations, unjust suspensions, kangaroo investigations, extended to disciplinaries, and then punishment of some sort or another to silence the victim.  In the worst case scenario they are dismissed and reported to the Nursing and Midwifery Council where a new nightmare begins.

How do I know these things?

Not only was I suspended unjustly after a critical incident, and then again, accused of an impossible action, (yes I know, very careless of me but once you’ve been suspended, you are always in danger) I became a founder member of CAUSE – the Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions and Exclusions in the NHS.  That was in June 2003 and nearly 500 people later – only the tip of the iceberg I hasten to add, of the numbers of staff in the NHS suspended in that time – I have heard a similar story with depressing and monotonous regularity. 

So have the wonderful team of people who have also been victims of these suspensions and who, by helping others, see these horrendous processes repeated, as if there were a manual these devious or malfunctioning managers, follow.

I’m writing this blog as a way of trying to reduce the stress caused when I open emails and read terrible stories sent by devastated staff.  Because that’s what suspension does to people.  Their families too.

We guard the confidentiality of the people who contact us with great care.  They are already living in terrible fear.  My comments will always be general, with no specific details of particular cases so that people cannot be identified.

Our dream is that one day, managers will no longer be able to do these things to staff and that the NHS will truly become a HEALTHY service to work in, not the place it is at present for many people.

I’m extremely grateful to the Nursing Times for its stories of excellent practice in well led trusts, where staff are truly valued and any concerns properly dealt with to improve and learn, not blame and silence. Patient mortality rates are low too!  It gives me hope.

 CAUSE also supports the Nursing Times campaign Speak Out Safely, aiming to bring about an honest and transparent NHS that protects staff who speak out.  See
You can read more about CAUSE on the website. It’s so good to have got started and my thanks to my son who set up and updates our website and who helped me set up this blog.  No more unjust suspensions is my prayer…..

With best wishes to all my innocent readers

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